Huawei Enterprises bereitet sich vor, Frankreich zu erobern.

While Huawei Wireless has been busy taking Europe by storm, Huawei Enterprise has not been one to be left behind. The Huawei Enterprise 2019 Roadshow has decided to dazzle its French audience.

Following their earlier success, Huawei Enterprise France has decided to repeat it this 2019. Similar to last year, guests can visit the roadshow truck. Inside the show truck they will experience the following.

Guests invited to tour the truck will have the opportunity to learn about these new technologies first-hand. Visitors can explore three key areas. The first is Products. Visitors can see up close what Huawei Enterprise France has to offer. The second is Innovations. Here, visitors can explore ideas not even on the market yet. Lastly, comes Vertical Solutions. This area is key for any enterprise expressing interest in scaling up and expanding their solutions.

Not only do visitors get to explore these key areas. But, they get to receive information about IT, data centers, servers, and cloud tech. These are all hot topics in the current business climate. Together with live demos and network product presentations, Huawei Enterprise has got you covered.

The tour started in Toulouse and ended in Bordeaux. This two-month tour is expected to help Huawei Enterprise. With this tour, Huawei Enterprise has one main goal: to create a memorable connection between them and their visitors.