Huawei 5G is NOW!

Huawei 5G is NOW: Showing the Potential of 5G Through a Real 5G Use Case

Beginning in Dublin and ending in Rome at the HCE 2018 (Huawei Europe Innovation Day and Huawei Eco-Connect Europe), the Huawei 5G Demo Truck, a key component in the roll-out and promotion of 5G throughout Europe, has passed through 10 countries, 38 cities in Western Europe, and has had over 7.000 visitors.


Throughout the months of April to November 2018, the Huawei 5G Demo Truck has been traveling around Western Europe, showcasing a real 5G use case, proving their slogan that “5G is now”. Its range of visitors has been vast – from employees of telecom operators to media, students of top technical universities, to even government representatives. Said visitors experienced the low-latency qualities of 5G first-hand, through the 5G Demo which EventRent aided in facilitating its development.


The demo consisted of propelling a 360-degree video live-stream through the 5G network. This live-stream came from the perspective of a drone that was flown in the perimeters of the truck, meaning visitors could see themselves from a birds-eye view. Of the visitors, one of the students in Spain claimed that:

”The technologies and demos seen inside the truck are mesmerizing. It has been an amazing opportunity to get to know first-hand more about what Huawei is doing regarding 5G, the solution presentations are very interesting, and it has been a great experience.”

This remark highlights the importance of the roadshow in bringing a true 5G experience straight to the customer, making the intangible, tangible.


The importance of the Huawei 5G Demo Truck in aiding clients to understand the potential of 5G was also noted by Sure’s Chief Digital Officer, who stated that:

“Everybody is talking about 5G technology and what it could mean for our digital futures, but not many people have had the opportunity to experience it so we’re excited to bring Huawei’s 5G exhibition truck to the island to enable local businesses, the government, customers and the public to get a better understanding of what the technology can do.”


This statement was further echoed by Tony Graziano, Vice-President of Huawei’s Public Affairs and Communication Office in Brussels. He notes that

“5G is setting in motion an unprecedented transformation process. […] This digital revolution is already happening all around us: 5G is now. With this roadshow, we would like to involve everyone in the process, [to] give Europeans a good idea of what’s going to change”.

Using a roadshow, with its flexibility in location, timing, and branding facilitates a point of physical contact between Huawei and its customers. This roadshow has enabled Huawei to translate digital touchpoints into a touching experience.


Ultimately, the roadshow aided in informing customers in a way that is memorable in today’s onslaught of digital marketing. Shi Mao, CMO of Huawei West Europe has said that:

“The Demo Truck bring Huawei’s latest 5G products and solutions to the public, increasing public awareness of 5G and trying to speed up 5G development in Europe. And the 5G roadshow has achieved good results in the past seven months. Huawei has invested heavily in 5G in West Europe, established three 5G R&D center in Germany, Italy and Sweden with hundreds of 5G experts, established six 5G joint innovation labs with operators. Huawei proactively participated in five EU 5G-PPP research projects and three 5G national pilot projects in UK and Italy, as well as the delivering of many pre-commercial sites for telcos, we started to prepare for the large-scale delivery of 5G in Europe. Huawei believes that 5G will enable Europe’s digitalization and is determined to work with European partners to strengthen Europe’s 5G position in global.”


This roadshow is an example of how we innovate, manage, and care. We facilitated a touching brand experience that enhanced quality contact with Huawei’s target groups all over Europe. Through this roadshow, Huawei managed to strengthen their awareness, relevance, and success everywhere in Western Europe. We promise the difference with our roadshow and integrated experiences, and this has not been the exception. Not only did we aid them with the logistics, planning, and organizing of the roadshow, but also in the conception and execution of its unique 5G use case. By bringing in experts related to VR and drones, in conjunction with Huawei’s technical knowledge, a team was built in order to assure that the use case was also able to be executed while on the road, successfully. Thus, for the Huawei 5G tour, EventRent went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure an invigorating experience for Huawei’s customers.