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Covid19 Won’t Stop The Gears From Turning

There’s not much that can stop us, not even COVID19 (otherwise known as the novel coronavirus). This week, we’re completing the first of three Mobile Showrooms. Huawei will be touring with these later on this year. They’ll be promoting 5G all across Europe and the UK. The main draw will be a myriad of use […]

EXPANDABLE. When Promotion Goals Exceed Budget!

We have further expanded our fleet with the EXPANDABLE. This unit is capable of holding 25-30 persons comfortably and has a floor space of approx. 35 m², making it perfect for small-scale roadshows. What it seems to lack in originality and grandeur, it makes up for in price and ease of use. It is cheap […]

The First Electric Roadshow: The E-Promotor

We are proud to present the newest addition to our fleet: the E-Promotor. Premiering at Heavent 2019, in Paris, this vehicle marks a big leap into environmentally-friendly, electric roadshow solutions. With its compact build and ease of use, this vehicle is ideal to use within cities. This will allow you to maneuver and promote your […]

Scottish Widows: “Taking On Your Future Together” Tour

Scottish Widows is touring this September, 2019. This life insurance company is taking the InfoVan 16 across the UK. During the tour, its aim is to help answer any and all pension-related questions for UK citizens. Many UK citizens have either don’t understand life insurance or pensions or don’t think them necessary. This is why […]

Huawei Enterprise 2019 Roadshow Prepares To Take France

While Huawei Wireless has been busy taking Europe by storm, Huawei Enterprise has not been one to be left behind. The Huawei Enterprise 2019 Roadshow has decided to dazzle its French audience. Following their earlier success, Huawei Enterprise France has decided to repeat it this 2019. Similar to last year, guests can visit the roadshow […]

Huawei CEEN 5G Roadshow Tour Begins in Moldova

Not only is the Huawei CEEN 5G roadshow traveling around Western Europe, but, this year, it’s set its sights further. Beginning in Moldova, the city of Chisinau had the pleasure to inaugurate the brand new 5G is ON roadshow tour. This tour is the Huawei CEEN (Central, Eastern Europe, and Northern) roadshow edition. Its main […]

Hikvision Convergence Solutions Roadshow

Hikvision Convergence Solutions Europe has been busy on the road traveling across Europe. Encompassing three different areas of Europe, with not one, but three identical trucks. These three trucks are all touring at the same time. Each truck covers a different region of Europe. From the North, to the South, East, and West, they can […]

The Huawei 5G Roadshow 2019 is ON: 5G is ON!

After a successful tour last year, the Huawei 5G Roadshow 2019 is here. This time it is promoting and informing both carriers and the public alike. It’s key message? 5G is ON! With the first event on the 3rd and 4th of April at the Arch Summit in Luxembourg, it’s starting off with a bang. […]

New Website Alert: Our New Website Is Here!

After months of content curation and painstaking development, we are proud to announce our brand new website! Our aim is to create a more user-friendly experience. Our goal is for you to quickly and easily find the roadshow solution that suits your needs. Here’s a rundown of some of our changes: Firstly, we have a […]

Albert Heijn cooking truck is ready for the holiday!

This year we have a holiday surprise: the Albert Heijn cooking truck is driving all around the Netherlands throughout December. This is part of the campaign “Omdat het December is” (Because it’s December). Sometimes the hardest choice to make during the holidays is the choice of what to eat. That’s why Albert Heijn and Allerhande […]

F&H Racing Team Roadshow Takes Over Assen

The F&H Racing Team are happy to come home after an adrenaline-filled, action-packed weekend. They’re bringing the F&H Racing Team roadshow to Assen! Watching the show from the sidelines, our Mobile Showroom has been the ideal stand. From the Mobile Showroom, you can get a great view of the track, while keeping clean. Those dirt […]

The Lexus Hybride Experience Tour Covers France

Lexus is ditching the Diesel and coming out with a brand new, self-charging hybrid. Lexus has decided to showcase its elegant hybrid model in our Mobile Showroom. This Lexus Hybride Experience Tour is executed in 3 phases. The first and second features our Mobile Showroom. For the first phase, they are going from coast to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Roadshow Is Touring

From August 25 onwards, the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is in stores. In addition to this release, the Samsung Note9 roadshow is ready to go. This roadshow is traveling all throughout the Netherlands. It will begin at the Hooge Catharijne, in Utrecht. This roadshow is a way for Samsung to give something back to the […]

Huawei 5G is NOW

From April to July 2018, Huawei is driving through more than 10 countries and is visiting approximately 40 different European cities. With their custom-made 5G Roadshow truck, Huawei is showing off its end-to-end portfolio. They’re going straight to their customers’ doorstep and showing them exactly what 5G can do. During the events, visitors will get […]

Huawei Enterprise 2018 Roadshow : Huawei’s Tour de France

The Huawei Enterprise 2018 Roadshow has officially kicked off. Huawei Carrier WEU isn’t the only ones touring Europe.  Huawei Enterprise has decided to organize its own ‘Tour de France’. This roadshow is traveling all across France, going to impressive estates, hotels, and even castles! But, this isn’t just for show. Huawei is inviting key players […]

Tour de France 2018 Depends on EventRent

This year EventRent is joining in the Tour de France 2018 with even more trailers than ever before. We’ve got six trailers on the team. From our old roster, we’ve got: France Televisions, NBC Sports, Radio Monte Carlo, and ASO. Joining in as new players are RTBF and Eurosport. They’ve found their way to EventRent’s […]

The Bergenbier Roadshow Launches in Romania

The Bergenbier roadshow has once again begun! For the second year in a row, the Spectator 240 is on the road in Romania for Bergenbier. The Bergenbier roadshow is planning on bringing exciting experiences for you and your friends! Whether it be a (free!) ice-cold beer at its built-in ice bar or a fun VR […]