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Mobile Showroom Versatility at its Finest

The year is quickly ending, and the demand for Mobile Showroom versatility keeps growing. The attraction of retail showrooms has been attracting brands for as long as there have been products to sell. Showrooms allow customers to explore products in a more immersive way and can help to create better customer loyalty. Mobile showrooms can […]

The 3 Reasons Why A Roadshow is Your Advertising Go-To

Through roadshows, you can reach a vast and specific audience locally, regionally, and worldwide. In contrast to a one-day event, a roadshow can easily extend over a year! And because roadshows can be relocated easily, they are an extremely adaptable marketing strategy. You choose the location. You choose dates! Whether it’s in the heart of […]

The Mobile Boutique: Taking Fashion to the Streets

The value of roadshows is recognised around the world. And many businesses, much like the fashion industry, highly benefit from them. Just ask our clients Scotch & Soda and SEZANE!  With our custom-designed “Scotch on Wheels”, EventRent was responsible for implementing the design & construction of a boutique on wheels. From Amsterdam to London, Florence, […]

We Are Expanding to Switzerland

We are Expanding to Switzerland. As a member of the Roadshow Group, EventRent Roadshows announces our official expansion into Switzerland! Continuing headstrong, this opportunity came at the perfect time for us, as we were looking for key opportunities that would allow us to expand our services and reach new customers beyond all borders of Europe […]

2022 Will Be Our Most Exciting Year Yet

The new year is looking bright. Entering the new year has left EventRent Roadshows energised and excited for what may come next. This past year, we have reflected on EventRent’s nearly 30 years in business. Especially the past two years during the novel coronavirus. And even then, we had no idea of the growth and […]

Destination Porsche

Once again, we have reached for the stars and created these uniquely designed roadshow vehicles: the Mobile Event Units. Under the name “Destination Porsche”, these units are capable of holding 20 persons comfortably and have a floor space of 40m² — standing 6 metres high, these eye-catchers surely create a real “WOW” factor when stepping […]

Why A Roadshow Benefits Your Marketing And Sales Strategy

Incorporating a roadshow into your sales and marketing campaigns provides enormous benefits. Especially after such a long period without the profound emotional ties of face-to-face interactions. Roadshows can be far more environmentally friendly than the standard display booth or big exhibition centre. Additionally, companies that utilize the roadshow benefits to save a significant amount on […]

The First 100% Electric InfoWheels Is On The Road

The world is experiencing some of the most profound growth trends of our lifetime: The explosive rise of electric vehicles. And that means taking every step possible to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.  It’s more than just electric passenger cars now. And EventRent […]

5 Tips That Will Guarantee A Successful Roadshow

5 tips for a roadshow that is essentially a travelling exhibition that sells brands directly to their target audience and educates clients and partners. It has many advantages, such as when the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck travels around Germany – it provides significant exposure and effect on a local and global scale, allowing you to have […]

Bostik Tour Experience 2021

Bostik has been on tour since January 2020 and has come up with something big for the return of the Experience Tour 2021 as their kick-off event was at the Domotex fair in Hannover. Since then, they have been travelling throughout Europe in countries like Germany, Spain, and now they are in France to coincide […]