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Bostik Tour Experience 2021

Bostik has been on tour since January 2020 and has come up with something big for the return of the Experience Tour 2021 as their kick-off event was at the Domotex fair in Hannover. Since then, they have been travelling throughout Europe in countries like Germany, Spain, and now they are in France to coincide […]

The Mobile Studio has travelled to the UK for Manchester City’s in-house TV Broadcast!

Manchester City played against Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday, May 29, 2021, at the Estádio do Drago stadium in Portugal. The Manchester-based football club’s production crew used the Mobile Studio 02 to live broadcast their matchday show build-up for the event. Manchester City offered their Etihad Academy Stadium to 4,000 fans […]

Le Tour De France Is Back In Action!

EventRent and le Tour de France for 2021 EventRent is taking part in the Tour de France 2021 with three trailers on the road, with the promise of booking in 2022! This year, the company has partnered with RMC, Radio France, and RTBF, three major media outlets, to provide the best event marketing solutions for […]

In The Face Of A Pandemic, Is A Roadshow Your Next Marketing Solution?

Many events and trade fairs were postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 the past year. These corporate life rituals, an opportunity for people to make deals, check out the competition, and connect with others, are in a crisis. Therefore, roadshows have become an increasingly desirable exhibition alternative for businesses trying to get face-to-face with their […]

Covid19 Won’t Stop The Gears From Turning

There’s not much that can stop us, not even COVID19 (otherwise known as the novel coronavirus). This week, we’re completing the first of three Mobile Showrooms. Huawei will be touring with these later on this year. They’ll be promoting 5G all across Europe and the UK. The main draw will be a myriad of use […]

EXPANDABLE. When Promotion Goals Exceed Budget!

We have further expanded our fleet with the EXPANDABLE. This unit is capable of holding 25-30 persons comfortably and has a floor space of approx. 35 m², making it perfect for small-scale roadshows. What it seems to lack in originality and grandeur, it makes up for in price and ease of use. It is cheap […]

The First Electric Roadshow: The E-Promotor

We are proud to present the newest addition to our fleet: the E-Promotor. Premiering at Heavent 2019, in Paris, this vehicle marks a big leap into environmentally-friendly, electric roadshow solutions. With its compact build and ease of use, this vehicle is ideal to use within cities. This will allow you to maneuver and promote your […]

Huawei Enterprise 2019 Roadshow Prepares To Take France

While Huawei Wireless has been busy taking Europe by storm, Huawei Enterprise has not been one to be left behind. The Huawei Enterprise 2019 Roadshow has decided to dazzle its French audience. Following their earlier success, Huawei Enterprise France has decided to repeat it this 2019. Similar to last year, guests can visit the roadshow […]

Huawei CEEN 5G Roadshow Tour Begins in Moldova

Not only is the Huawei CEEN 5G roadshow traveling around Western Europe, but, this year, it’s set its sights further. Beginning in Moldova, the city of Chisinau had the pleasure to inaugurate the brand new 5G is ON roadshow tour. This tour is the Huawei CEEN (Central, Eastern Europe, and Northern) roadshow edition. Its main […]

Hikvision Convergence Solutions Roadshow

Hikvision Convergence Solutions Europe has been busy on the road traveling across Europe. Encompassing three different areas of Europe, with not one, but three identical trucks. These three trucks are all touring at the same time. Each truck covers a different region of Europe. From the North, to the South, East, and West, they can […]