Huawei CEEN 5G Roadshow Tour Begins in Moldova

Not only is the Huawei CEEN 5G roadshow traveling around Western Europe, but, this year, it’s set its sights further.

Beginning in Moldova, the city of Chisinau had the pleasure to inaugurate the brand new 5G is ON roadshow tour. This tour is the Huawei CEEN (Central, Eastern Europe, and Northern) roadshow edition. Its main goal is to inform carriers and the public alike about 5G.  Its aim: is to give an understanding of what 5G can do. Additionally, it is not only doing so through presentations, but they’re also using real 5G use cases. These use cases will really allow visitors to see the true potential of 5G. Using real 5G allows visitors to see that a 5G network can be set up anywhere. This is particularly important for countries with lesser infrastructure.

The Huawei CEEN 5G roadshow is touring everywhere: from Turkey to Greece to Norway, trying to reach as many operators and teach them about the true potential of 5G. With the implementation of commercial 5G right around the corner (expected in 2020), this year, they’ve made sure to reach every nook and cranny of Europe in order to assure that Europe knows that 5G is ON!