The Huawei 5G Roadshow 2019 is ON: 5G is ON!

After a successful tour last year, the Huawei 5G Roadshow 2019 is here. This time it is promoting and informing both carriers and the public alike. It’s key message? 5G is ON!

With the first event on the 3rd and 4th of April at the Arch Summit in Luxembourg, it’s starting off with a bang. This event features VIP guests such as the CTO of Vodafone and the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. Not only is the truck bigger and better than ever, using our ever-popular Mobile Showroom. But the demos within are also proving to be a hit amongst visitors.

Focusing on the potential of 5G for consumers, they are showing their Cloud use cases. These use cases demonstrate the power of the 5G and the cloud. Their Cloud use cases, made possible and executed by EventRent, focus on the consumer potential of 5G in regards to gaming, computing, and VR. All topics, from the benefits to freelancers, training, and entertainment, are all covered in this roadshow. These use cases have created an additional draw to the already popular Huawei 5G Roadshow 2019.

Between the impressive upgrade in its structure and quality of the use cases, this roadshow will surely draw the attention of those interested in 5G.