Hikvision Convergence Solutions Roadshow

Hikvision Convergence Solutions Europe has been busy on the road traveling across Europe. Encompassing three different areas of Europe, with not one, but three identical trucks. These three trucks are all touring at the same time. Each truck covers a different region of Europe. From the North, to the South, East, and West, they can be found in 22 different countries.

Hikvision can rest assured that all of Europe knows why its Hikvision Convergence Solutions are an amazing simplification. Get ready for the Hikvision Convergence Solutions Roadshow 2019!

Under the theme “Embracing Convergence for Success” Hikvision has been able to show its integrated solutions – and will continue to do so until May. Each truck is identical, from their exterior to interior.

Inside, you can find a range of Hikvision products. Plus, speakers will provide demonstrations to further help you understand the products at hand. Being able to go straight to their customers has been key for Hikvision. This is now the third year running where they’ve chosen for a roadshow. Allowing their demonstrations and activities mobility, this roadshow has proven to be a winner all around for Hikvision.

Check out more about the Hikvision Convergence Solutions Roadshow in the video below.