Le Tour De France Is Back In Action!

EventRent and le Tour de France for 2021

EventRent is taking part in the Tour de France 2021 with three trailers on the road, with the promise of booking in 2022! This year, the company has partnered with RMC, Radio France, and RTBF, three major media outlets, to provide the best event marketing solutions for this famous sporting event.

The exterior of the Mobile Studio 03 for RMC tour de france

RTBF will again use the InfoVan 18, an ideal pro

duction vehicle for all types of live broadcasting. It features a complete office-holding unit that offers six separate working spaces, including a fully-equipped meeting room, kitchen, post-room, and office spaces. The InfoVan 18 is the perfect choice for RTBF to deliver high-quality live coverage of the Tour de France.

RMC will use the classic Mobile Studio #03, which is designed to broadcast live from the race throughout France. The Mobile Studio 03 is equipped with everything inside needed to produce high-quality live broadcasts. This includes a soundproofed studio, a control room, and equipment for live broadcasts.

Radio France will use the InfoVan 07, a modern roadshow trailer with a unique internal height of up to 2.95 meters. This trailer features extension pods that provide a spacious and comfortable working environment, allowing the team to produce high-quality content for their listeners.

If you are interested in participating in events like le Tour de France, EventRent can help you step-by-step to execute the best event marketing solutions for your business.

Get on the road today with EventRent Roadshows and take your event marketing to the next level. Email: info@eventrent.nl