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Roadshow Revolution: The Power of the “Crew Office” Mobile Office

In the fast-paced world of business, adaptability is key. And what comes with that, is the Mobile Office. When it comes to hosting roadshows and staying connected on the go, companies need innovative solutions that seamlessly blend mobility with functionality.  Enter the “Crew Office” by EventRent – a remarkable mobile boardroom that revolutionizes the way […]

The Ultimate Live Broadcasting Solution for Dynamic Roadshows: The Mobile Studio 02

When it comes to captivating live broadcasting for sports events, music festivals, or exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage, the Mobile Studio 02 takes centre stage.  This innovative mobile unit combines cutting-edge technology, a versatile setup, and a dedicated technical room to create an unrivalled broadcasting experience.  The Mobile Studio 02 serves as the perfect solution for a […]

Transforming Healthcare Education: Medtronic’s Mobile Academy Roadshow Introducing the Revolutionary Surgical Assistance Robot Hugo RAS

Medtronic, the esteemed global technology leader in healthcare, continues to push boundaries and inspire its employees and partners  with a remarkable display of innovation through its latest roadshow for the past two years. Medtronic has introduced a captivating mobile academy housed within the InfoVan 106 by transforming the conventional notion of a roadshow. This mobile […]

Elevating the Experience: Merlo’s Innovative Presence at Bauma

Merlo, the renowned Italian manufacturer of construction and agricultural machinery,  took its presence at the prestigious Bauma trade fair in Munich to new heights last year.  In an effort to revamp their trade fair concept and enhance their brand experience, Merlo has partnered with EventRent Roadshows to incorporate mobile units for the first time. Gone […]

“Keep Your Machines Rolling”: Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions’ Roadshow Driven by EventRent Roadshows

Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions lives by the motto “Keep Your Machines Rolling“ a testament to their commitment as a supplier to the automotive and mechanical engineering industry.  Understanding the importance of showcasing their products effectively, they have partnered with us, EventRent Roadshows. With a shared passion for keeping things in motion, EventRent has been the perfect […]

The Power of Genesis: The Spectacular Journey of the Mobile Showroom

The state-of-the-art Genesis Mobile Lounge, also known as the Mobile Showroom, embarked on its journey in 2021 and has captivated audiences across Europe ever since. This remarkable roadshow has pushed boundaries and inspired spectators by displaying the latest Genesis cars. From vibrant festivals to upscale events, this Mobile Showroom has traversed various venues, from snowy […]

Paving the Path to a Greener Future: The Sustainable Advantages of Roadshows

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, businesses are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions that align with their commitment to a greener future. Roadshows, with their inherent characteristics and innovative approaches, emerge as a powerful force driving positive change. Let us explore the sustainable advantages of roadshows. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Roadshows champion the concept of […]

Unleashing the Power of Mobility: The Perfect Blend of Mobile Office and Roadshows

In the fast-paced world of business, where agility and adaptability reign supreme, the concept of a traditional office is evolving. Enter the era of the mobile office— a dynamic and transformative solution that brings productivity to new horizons. Now, imagine combining the power of the mobile office with the captivating allure of roadshows. Brace yourself […]

Embark on an Epic Upgrade: from InfoWheels to the InfoVan – The Roadshow Revolution!

Calling all trailblazers ready to take their roadshow experience to extraordinary new heights! Get ready to transcend the limits of possibility through the array of promotional units: the magnificent InfoVan—an awe-inspiring evolution from the beloved InfoWheels. Just like our esteemed partners Eaton and Huawei, who have harnessed the undeniable power of roadshows in their marketing […]

Unleash the Magic: Elevate Your Festival Experience with the EggStreamer!

As the festival season draws near, anticipation fills the air, and with it comes the need for an exceptional pop-up stand. But fear not, for we have the ultimate solution that will make heads turn and hearts skip a beat—the EggStreamer/XL! Allow us to unravel its wonders and showcase why it is the epitome of […]