EXPANDABLE. When Promotion Goals Exceed Budget!

We have further expanded our fleet with the EXPANDABLE. This unit is capable of holding 25-30 persons comfortably and has a floor space of approx. 35 m², making it perfect for small-scale roadshows.

What it seems to lack in originality and grandeur, it makes up for in price and ease of use. It is cheap and ready-to-go for your roadshow or as a tiny pop-up showroom.

Because we want to make sure you can get your hands on it as soon as possible, we immediately included four units in our fleet of 185 different roadshow units!

We have two types of units to get your roadshow on the road quickly; a standard unit called the ‘EXPANDABLE Variant’ and, if you want something more luxurious and transparent, the ‘EXPANDABLE Contrast’. With the latter, you get the quality and all-around glass exterior of our Mobile Showrooms with just a third of the floor space, limited internal height. No-frills and true to its name: it’s an EXPANDABLE mobile space. Keep it simple and start your roadshow tomorrow!

EXPANDABLE VARIANT -> the unit with one foldable glass wall.

EXPANDABLE CONTRAST -> the unit with a full all-around glass exterior and an automatic double sliding door on one wall.

Make your choice quickly and say goodbye to traditional exhibition participation. Take your product to the road and don’t just wait for the customer to come to you; go to them!