Covid19 Won’t Stop The Gears From Turning

There’s not much that can stop us, not even COVID19 (otherwise known as the novel coronavirus). This week, we’re completing the first of three Mobile Showrooms. Huawei will be touring with these later on this year. They’ll be promoting 5G all across Europe and the UK. The main draw will be a myriad of use cases, each demonstrating a different use for 5G. With the cancellation of conferences and fairs, this roadshow has become their main platform to showcase their new technology.

The roadshow provides them a solution to a few problems large events may bring. First, they can assure that they can control the number of attendees. Limiting the attendees also guarantees they can properly schedule disinfecting the space after each group. Being able to disinfect the event space is a priority during these trying times with COVID19.

Second, they can go straight to their customers. This allows them to adequately target their audience while limiting unnecessary visitors. By limiting the number of guests of their events, it is increasingly necessary to make your events easily accessible to your target group. A roadshow easily resolves this issue.

Just because we can’t officially kick off the season just yet, doesn’t mean our customers aren’t eager to be ready for better times. We may have to pull double shifts at odd hours while working seven days a week (and keeping a safe distance of 1.5 meters!), but we never stop working hard to make the best roadshows, even under adversity.