Your Car Showroom: Make It Mobile

3 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Car Showroom By Making It Mobile

Traditional automobile showrooms have to struggle to compete with the new digital era. The average dealership’s gross profits are slowly dwindling year after year, causing dealer sentiment to turn more pessimistic as new forms of communication begin dominating the market. With many turning to the web to see the latest and best automobile companies have to offer and using comparison sites for advice instead of professional dealers, the current state of automobile showrooms is not what it once was. While the traditional showroom can offer one convenient location to showcase your vehicle and show off your new arrivals, this is not enough in the digital age. Here are 3 problems for the modern consumer that accompany the traditional automobile showroom and how a mobile showroom can curb them.


  1. Industrial Parks Are Not The Most Scenic 

Due to the size needed for most automobile showrooms, these tend to be located outside the city. While the showroom itself may be well-kept, industrial parks do not tend to be the most exciting locations. Plus, they can be inconveniently located for clients. With a mobile showroom, you can bring your showroom anywhere: from the most spectacular locations to convenient public spaces. You can decide based on your strategy. Just last year, in 2020, Bugatti invited their top patrons to a private event at the Bilster Berg Track and the Hockenheim Ring, where they were able to test drive the luxurious, limited edition Bugatti CHIRON Pur Sport. The Mobile Showroom provided a first-class experience as clients got acquainted with the new and exclusive Bugatti, leaving them with an unforgettable experience.


  1. New Launches Don’t Get Their Moment In The Sun

Speaking of experiences, creating unique, impactful experiences for your customers is essential in convincing them that this is the car for them. Another downside to the traditional showroom is the limited amount of spectacle related to new launches. With The Expandable, you can bring your business space to any desired location. Hyundai took full advantage of this smaller-scale, smart budget solution that allowed them to customize its interior and exterior and unveiled their latest vehicle, the ‘IONIQ 5,’ making it the mobile key in promoting their campaign ‘Power Your World.’ Hyundai achieved this through a “hybrid” experience, a combination of online and live event marketing. Therefore, The Expandable is used for multiple purposes, creating the bridge between a brand’s vision of going digital and combining this with a mobile showroom. Hyundai’s guests got to see the latest feats of the IONIQ 5 first-hand, online and in person.


  1. Surprise Your Clientele With Their Favorite Hotspot

The right guests can make or break any new launch. The Mobile Showroom is ideal in creating an aura of exclusivity, allowing dealers to either set up at locations they believe their clientele will frequent, such as wine tastings, boulevards, or golf courses. Lexus took full advantage of this flexibility during their Lexus Hybride Experience Tour. They brought their new hybrid vehicle to locations where they believed their targeted customers to be, which proved to be a success. And in 2017 and 2018, Porsche toured around France, setting the Mobile Showroom against picturesque locations such as castles and chateauxs in France where they were treated to golf, fine dining, spa facilities, and driving experiences with the showcased Porsches. So, while many may turn to online sources for their next vehicle, nothing beats the experience of checking it out in person, at your most convenient location.

Trends changing doesn’t mean giving in, it means evolving. People are becoming more likely to turn to digital convenience over in-person experience only means that it’s necessary to find ways to make these experiences more special. Turning to roadshows to make your showroom or launch an event is our solution.