The Lexus Hybride Experience Tour Covers France

Lexus is ditching the Diesel and coming out with a brand new, self-charging hybrid. Lexus has decided to showcase its elegant hybrid model in our Mobile Showroom. This Lexus Hybride Experience Tour is executed in 3 phases. The first and second features our Mobile Showroom.

For the first phase, they are going from coast to coast. We’re helping them introduce their top-of-the-line hybrid car to their French customers. They targeted 4 French seaside resorts. From the riviera in St. Tropez to the seaside town of Biarritz. They also passed through Deauville-Trouville and La Baule.

In tandem with these glamorous stops, they set up test centers. 14 cities and 8 different models of the car tested, they finalized their second phase.

Their third and last phase had the tour stop at partner dealers. This might have meant less photogenic locations, but it meant more targeted customers.

In 3 months of touring, the Lexus Hybride Experience Tour visited a total of 26 cities and had over 2000 guests visiting the showroom.

We are proud to make this roadshow possible, and bring an unforgettable experience to Lexus’ loyal customers. Be sure to check out the new Lexus hybrid once it hits the market for a seamless, enjoyable ride.