The Bergenbier Roadshow Launches in Romania

The Bergenbier roadshow has once again begun! For the second year in a row, the Spectator 240 is on the road in Romania for Bergenbier. The Bergenbier roadshow is planning on bringing exciting experiences for you and your friends! Whether it be a (free!) ice-cold beer at its built-in ice bar or a fun VR experience.

Bergenbier doesn’t want visitors to feel left out in the cold, it wants them to go into it. Visitors can get a completely free, completely cold Bergenbier directly from an ice bar. Once at the ice bar, they will have the chance to experience the frozen tundra first-hand. That is, in a safe way of course. Visitors will then be able to try on virtual reality glasses which will allow them to live some nature-inspired cooling via VR experiences. Plus, those who are prone to being starstruck are in for an exciting surprise. In these VR experiences, they can meet with real Bergenbier stars and play fun games, interacting with them.

If you missed out on the first stop, don’t worry, this event is touring extensively. During the next 40 days, the truck is getting ready to drive more than 5.000  km, visiting 17 different cities.