InfoWheels Takes Over the Roadshow

A Customer Success Journey: Dentsply Sirona



“Every day, we empower millions of customers with the power of our products by proudly creating innovative solutions for healthy smiles.”

On the road since 2021, Dentsply has chosen to travel to their customers rather than engage in costly trade fairs and exhibitions by using our Self-Drive solution: The InfoWheels!

So, why did Dentsply choose InfoWheels? Simple.

Consider all the technology involved in a ‘B licensed’ InfoWheels that your sales team can take to your customers! By stationing the unit right outside your customers’ doorsteps, you reach your target group directly, and it is designed to make the customer experience more efficient and effective. The InfoWheels provides an interactive platform where customers can touch and feel the product, ask questions, and get demonstrations. This allows them to get a deeper understanding of the products and make informed decisions.

And the importance of this mobile solution is that whether you are in business or a profession seeking to showcase your products directly to your clients, InfoWheels offers the ideal marketing experience. Through InfoWheels, you can ensure that your products reach the right customers and that your brand stands out in an increasingly competitive market.

Over the past six years, Dentsply has invested more than €600 million in innovation. And they continue to innovate their offerings to provide dentists with best-in-class products by going directly to their offices throughout the Netherlands rather than trying to attract attention and compete with hundreds of other companies at crowded trade fairs.

Fun fact: the InfoWheels are employable worldwide!

Dentsply has proven themselves as state-of-the-art innovators by putting their customers first. They took solace in utilizing the InfoWheels and explored the beauty of experience marketing. So many consumers, are bombarded daily by solicitations and sales pitches—cold calls, unannounced walk-ins, online marketing campaigns, etc. And that’s where Dentsply stepped it up.

Dentsply understands the difference between showcasing how their innovations are not just the latest upgrade – but crucial to their industry! Therefore, InfoWheels was the ideal marketing campaign for them to break ground and provide their customers with the opportunity to test their latest equipment first-hand.

At EventRent, we are proud to have helped achieve Dentsply’s vision by creating a truly immersive mobile marketing experience, equipping the self-drive promotion vehicle with an entire space to incorporate their latest innovations with LED-lined lights, a heating and cooling system, and a solar/battery-powered system integrated into the showroom, also making it an environmentally-friendly experience as well as minimizing machine noise. Since the InfoWheels is a self-sustaining unit, there is no effort required from the customer; they will simply walk into the showroom and engage in your customized experience. With this in mind, customers can be sure that they are receiving an experience that is perfectly tailored to their needs and preferences.

With its third year underway, this program has proved so successful. An entire revamped marketing campaign is in the works for the Dentsply InfoWheels in 2023!

The InfoWheels is anyone’s smart-drive roadshow solution that gives the ability to facilitate touching brand experiences within the environment of any target audience. And with only a ‘B driver’s license,’ you too will be able to get yourself on the road before you know it. This self-drive solution has famously produced successful and impressive promotional events throughout the years in fields such as mobile banking for SNS, surgical technology for VirtaMed, sports equipment like ATLAS Safety Shoes, security systems like HikVision, and the list goes on.

By bringing your products directly to your customers, you break through barriers and give your sales team exactly what they need. As a result, your demand generation efforts will get a jumpstart, and you will spread your thought leadership throughout your industry and propel your brand to the top of the market. With the InfoWheels, your customers will experience a fresh and exciting way to test your latest innovations, adding to your field marketing plan for 2023!

Get on the road today with your own fully branded, custom-designed InfoWheels. There are already 130 units on the road. Will you be the next eye-catcher?