Samsung Galaxy Note9 Roadshow Is Touring

From August 25 onwards, the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is in stores.
In addition to this release, the Samsung Note9 roadshow is ready to go. This roadshow is traveling all throughout the Netherlands. It will begin at the Hooge Catharijne, in Utrecht.
This roadshow is a way for Samsung to give something back to the loyal fans of the Note-series. The Galaxy Note series has so many loyal customers that Samsung is doing something extra this time around.  With its release of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 it’s going to its customers with an exciting pop-up shop. This roadshow means that Samsung will visit their Note fans hometowns and cities. This roadshow is for more than just the fans. At the same time, they are giving others the chance to try out their latest high-end smartphone without any obligation. This isn’t the first time Samsung‘s created such a roadshow. They’ve tested the waters before, with impressive results. This is why they’ve chosen for a roadshow once again. Roadshows give the chance to get products straight to the people. This roadshow in the Netherlands is not only showing current fans the newest and best but giving new people the chance of trying out their product.