Nussbaum Up2Date Roadshow 2023

The Up2Date roadshow by Nussbaum is back in 2023 with the same theme as last year: “A Look Behind the Scenes”

and will make its rounds throughout Switzerland.

The speaker presenting to the guests at the Nussbaum Up2date roadshow 2022

They will provide them with suitable overall solutions and services. Nussbaum values personal customer contact and views the direct exchange as a highlight, especially after almost two years of COVID-19 restrictions. Through a roadshow, they receive feedback on their solutions and services and obtain valuable tips on the current challenges and wishes of the industry.

The roadshow will focus on overriding concepts such as the Nussbaum 3-step model of drinking water hygiene, and suitable complete solutions and services will be suggested to building technology partners. Nussbaum believes that the life cycle of a modern building comprises the three stages of planning, construction, and operation, and they will present a suitable concept for each stage at the roadshow.

Interior of the Nussbaum roadshow with the product display Interior of the roadshow with the product display

Digitization is an ongoing process.

Nussbaum wants to show their partners how they can find a suitable solution for any type of building, whether it’s a conventional building technology installation, a hybrid installation with individual digital elements, or a smart installation. The exhibition in the showrooms is also hybrid, with QR codes located on various exhibition walls. Visitors can call up detailed information via tablet, and after short theoretical blocks, they can test their newly acquired knowledge immediately. The Nussbaum employees are always available to answer visitors’ questions, and a half-hour training provides a well-founded overview of current industry topics such as BIM, drinking water hygiene, and digital transformation.

The social part of the roadshow begins with a delicious meal, and visitors can maintain old contacts and make new ones. The concept has received positive feedback from visitors, who find the roadshow informative and valuable in keeping up with the industry’s transformation. Overall, Nussbaum aims to provide a platform for its partners to move forward together and keep up with the industry’s changes.

Nussbaum executives being interviewed in switzerland The crowd outside the roadshow 2022

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