The Huawei SmartBus Takes on Italy

The Crew Office #02 travels throughout Italy with the Huawei SmartBus

Huawei SmartBus in Torino with the Crew Office 02 for cyber security Mobile School.

Our partnership with Huawei brought about the inception of the “SmartBus” project, which had the primary objective of giving students free training sessions on cyber security. The project aimed to raise awareness about the potential risks and opportunities associated with the use of digital tools.

Our mobile unit, the Crew Office #02, equipped with digital devices, housed the mobile interactive classroom known as the SmartBus. The Huawei SmartBus travelled to 15 cities across 5 Italian regions and offered training sessions for students. During the training sessions, the students were introduced to a specially developed educational app by Parole O_Stili, which helped tutors create a fun and interactive learning environment.

The project also sought to extend beyond the student community, welcoming all citizens who were interested in enhancing their knowledge of cybersecurity, privacy, and the effective use of digital tools. The SmartBus provided an opportunity for people of all ages to learn and interact with digital devices in a safe environment.

Our collaboration with Huawei ensured that the “SmartBus” project was a resounding success, as it effectively reached over 4,500 students. The project’s impact was far-reaching, inspiring more people to take a proactive approach to Internet security and digital literacy.

Huawei SmartBus in Torino with the Crew Office 02 with kids learning the technology inside Huawei SmartBus in Torino with the Crew Office 02 with kids outside in the square

Take a look at the Huawei SmartBus schedule!

Huawei SmartBus in Torino with the Crew Office 02 with kids outside in the square

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