Destination Porsche

Once again, we have reached for the stars and created these uniquely designed roadshow vehicles: the Mobile Event Units.

Under the name “Destination Porsche”, these units are capable of holding 20 persons comfortably and have a floor space of 40m² — standing 6 metres high, these eye-catchers surely create a real “WOW” factor when stepping afoot.

This concept design aimed to communicate with Porsche’s target groups through a broader product line-up with a higher degree of personalisation and flexibility. Completely in-house produced and the final result is looking high-quality and first-class — fitting the Porsche brand.

To provide more ways to experience the Porsche brand, these units offer the opportunity to reflect on the growing sophistication and evolution of the Porsche network.

The “Destination Porsche” units are fully equipped with frameless windows and lamellas above the entrance with a red LED light that can shine out between them, and their form echoes the rear view of the Porsche 911. This iconic car served as inspiration, accentuated by the outline of the curved lamella with red LEDs, which glow like rear lights in the dark.

So, are you looking to impress your audience with a sophisticated and revolutionary look?

Dare to take a step into the Mobile Event Units.

A ground-breaking milestone to providing your customers with an ever-lasting experience.