The UN InfoWheels: Bringing the United Nations to Germany

Embarking on an extraordinary expedition with the UN InfoWheels,

the mobile exhibition showcases the work of the United Nations (UN), and sets out to tour Germany, driven by the motto “Stronger Together.”

UN InfoWheels

This captivating traveling exhibition serves as a gateway to understanding the German Society for the United Nations, while offering a unique opportunity for individuals aged 15 and above to delve into the essence of the UN. Within the confines of a thoughtfully designed truck, the UN InfoWheels takes visitors on an immersive journey, revealing the core principles, mission, and global significance of the United Nations.

The InfoWheels experience is a catalyst for enlightenment, providing interactive displays, engaging presentations, and informative materials illuminating the UN’s multifaceted nature. From fostering peace and security to advancing sustainable development, human rights, and more, the exhibition sheds light on the UN’s vital initiatives. By exploring thought-provoking exhibits and participating in educational workshops, visitors understand the UN’s role in addressing global challenges and shaping a better future for all.

The UN InfoWheels in the city square in Germany ready for the event Prepping for the United Nations InfoWheels in the city center in Germany

As the InfoWheels traverses the diverse landscapes of Germany, it ensures that communities both big and small can partake in this enriching educational experience. The exhibition rolls into schools, universities, public spaces, and community centres, bridging geographical gaps and reaching individuals from all walks of life. By making the United Nations more accessible and engaging, the InfoWheels fosters a sense of inclusivity and invites everyone to join the conversation.

Beyond providing knowledge, the InfoWheels serves as a catalyst for empowerment and collaboration. It ignites a sense of responsibility within visitors, inspiring them to take action and become active participants in creating positive change within their communities. Moreover, the exhibition creates opportunities for like-minded individuals and organizations to connect, share ideas, and explore avenues for collaboration. By forging networks and partnerships, the UN InfoWheels amplifies the impact of collective action, emphasizing that we are truly “Stronger Together” in shaping a brighter future.

Visitors inside the interactive UN InfoWheels

In conclusion, the United Nations InfoWheels is a remarkable initiative that brings the UN to life in Germany. With its engaging exhibits, interactive experiences, and thought-provoking discussions, the exhibition serves as a bridge between communities, sparking dialogue, promoting awareness, and inspiring action. By unveiling the UN’s vision for a better world, the InfoWheels has encouraged visitors to become agents of positive change. 

Join the journey and discover the power of unity, collaboration, and the UN’s impact on a global scale!