What Is A Roadshow?

Roadshows are the vehicles that propel your company into the customer’s surroundings, raising brand exposure and providing a competitive advantage through this innovative marketing solution. In comparison to a single, one-day event, a roadshow can last for months, or even years! A roadshow is an essential marketing tool because it provides a perfect forum where a company can communicate directly with potential and existing clientele to address any concerns or highlight successes! In addition, a roadshow is a versatile marketing tool due to its ability to relocate at any time. As a result, your brand will have complete control over the location and timing of your event, whether in the heart of a city, customer’s workplace or the next big expo.

So what’re you waiting for? Get on the road with a true eye-catching vehicle that will exceed your marketing expectations!

Roadshow Experiences

You have unlimited opportunities to create an experience that gives your target audience a lasting impression. We are pleased to assist you in finding a unique mobile solution that meets the goals you require. Take a look at our designs like the pop-up store, a showroom or a hospitality and meeting lounge.

Brand Activation

Make your brand known to potential customers by increasing awareness and engagement through a touching brand experience. For example, a free sample campaign of a new product can be a great way to introduce people to your brand and get them talking. It’s about creating an emotional connection between them and your brand so that it sticks in their mind, creating a bond, so they are more likely to engage with your brand and become long-term customers.

Guests enjoying the flying vr experience in the Huawei Mobile Showroom

Showcase Your Latest Innovation With A Product Launch

A product is a necessary strategy in order to engage your customers with your latest innovation. The most successful product launches are those that focus on the audience and how the new product will improve their lives. This is your chance to explain what it is, how it works, and how it may help them in their personal or professional lives.

Live medical training in the VirtaMed InfoWheels

Advanced Training Centre For A Worldwide Company Location

When introducing a new product line, it is critical to ensure that your sales team and distributors are trained and invested in the brand. However, for many, ensuring that your clients are adequately taught about your products is also high on the priority list. Our roadshow programs can train staff to pass on knowledge and go directly to consumers by running live demo events.

BOTSIK roadshow at the tradefair - what is a roadshow?

Exhibition Centre At Large Trade Shows

Not only can you bring your roadshow directly to your customer, but you can also engage in the traditional trade show and large exhibition centres. By utilizing a roadshow trailer, you can fully execute your brand experience for anyone that comes by. Don’t just set up a simple stand, but leave a lasting impression on your potential leads and implement a genuine “WOW” factor!