The Versatility of a Mobile Showroom in 2022

The year is quickly coming to an end, and the demand for Mobile Showrooms keeps on growing.

The allure of retail showrooms has been attracting brands for as long as there have been products to sell. In recent years, many companies have invested in showrooms to showcase their products and create a complete brand experience for their customers, for a good reason too!

Seeing, touching, and experiencing products physically before a purchase leaves customers more satisfied and lays a strong foundation for a loyal relationship with the brand. Mobile marketing has grown significantly over the past few decades and is one of the most effective promotional tools available today. As a result, companies could introduce their products to new markets, create buzz on social media platforms, and strengthen customer loyalty. 

EventRent knows how to utilise these branding techniques to create a custom Mobile Showroom! By choosing where, when, and how your tour or activation is conducted, you have complete control over your brand experience. For example, place your showroom in a public square where your target demographic is located, or go directly to the customers or prospects you are looking for. When it comes to lead generation, this allows you to prioritise quality over quantity. In addition, with no competitors or distractions, you can spend more time with your customers than you would at a usual trade show.

Why are Mobile Showrooms so beneficial? Price and convenience. Mobile marketing vehicles come in various models and price points that can accommodate most budgets. In addition to offering further price accommodation, leasing your base vehicle can significantly shorten turn-around times. Compared to preparing a new building or permanent storefront for commercial use, mobile assets are easy to transport and set up, and you can use them in locations where your target audience is at that moment.

Still interested in making appearances at future trade shows while using Mobile Showrooms?

The display of Mobile Showrooms at conferences is a great way to make your products and assets stand out. In addition to demonstrating your products, they also offer storage space when not in use. In most cases a purpose-built trade show booth is only used once, this comes with non-sustainable and expensive shipping, storage, material, and handling for an event that last a mere three days. A roadshow interior is designed and fabricated sustainable and can be used the entire roadshow which means reducing your carbon footprint and saving cost.   

With our long-term partner Huawei, we have created multiple fully branded showrooms that allows them to connect with businesses outside of trade shows. As a result, their audience can experience their latest innovations firsthand and determine how additive applications can benefit their organisation. In addition, we provide a personable but safe experience with social distancing-friendly footprints, temperature checks, regular cleanings, and sanitiser stands.

The Huawei roadshow is an excellent example of the combination of larger-scale Mobile Showrooms alongside smaller-scale units like our Expandable and ExpoBoxx. We crafted these specially designed showrooms to showcase their new Green initiatives and latest 5G MPN networks to Huawei’s customers across Europe. Personalised displays, graphics, roof signage, recessed monitors, solar panels and custom lighting were installed on each vehicle. For firsthand experience, customers could practice and try out all the live demos. After only two months of build time, the fleet of 7 vehicles hit the road year-long!

By the end of the year-long tour, the Mobile Showrooms collectively made over 100 stops in cities throughout Europe, including the MWC Barcelona, The Luxembourg 2022 Arch Summit, partner organisations, select events, conventions, stadiums, and public squares. The tour has attracted over 20,000 attendees and over a million social media impressions across the different Huawei streams. In addition to these 100 m2 trailers, conversions of shipping containers are exciting and unique substitutes for your marketing campaign.

These low-threshold exhibition spaces are easily accessible to a broad target group.

Learn more about our capabilities and how a Mobile Showroom could benefit your business!