5 Tips That Will Guarantee A Successful Roadshow

5 tips for a roadshow that is essentially a travelling exhibition that sells brands directly to their target audience and educates clients and partners.

It has many advantages, such as when the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck travels around Germany – it provides significant exposure and effect on a local and global scale, allowing you to have more meaningful interactions with the audience and enhances their brand experience. Roadshows are an excellent technique for getting closer to consumers and creating a bond with your product. It allows you to test products, pose questions, and train alongside many valuable assets because you directly contact your audience.

→ We’ve come up with 5 essential tips when it comes to planning a successful roadshow:

1. Purpose
Now is an excellent opportunity to express and convey to your team members why you’re going on the road. This will help you keep everyone up-to-date about every decision, every piece of marketing content to produce, and ensure that everybody in the company is aware of the concept behind the roadshow.

That being said, planning a roadshow can be time-consuming and a lot of work. So you want the payoff to be worth it. Pro tip: research and scope out if other important events or shows are taking place at the same time. You don’t want to overlap!

2. Who Are You Targeting?
Now that you’ve figured out and shared with your team that you’re planning a roadshow, it’s now time to think about who your market is. For example, when you’re launching something new and exciting, who will you be showcasing it to, and where do they live? If it is a media launch, which news outlets and press representatives do you reach out to? Or maybe you want to train employees at different regional offices. A well-thought-out social media strategy will also help ensure all roadshow-related content is launched efficiently and on schedule.

3. Scope Out Location Hotspots
One of the most appealing aspects of having your product, service, or training on the road is that you can take it wherever! With EventRent, we offer our clients insight into reaching new markets around the world. Consider the array of opportunities this presents! It is entirely possible to enter different audiences in remote areas across Europe or even attend that conference in Asia you’ve had your eye on!

When you’ve settled on the general locations of your roadshow, the next thing to think about is the perfect sites you’d like to set up in those areas. And with the help of our extensive database, we have thousands of locations to help make site planning a breeze for you. Once this is done, you can start sharing the dates and locations of the roadshow!

4. Leave Them With A Lasting Impression
The most important part of a roadshow is the final execution and the environment you create for your audience. You want your participants to walk away with something they won’t forget. So design the room and its impact based on your vision and creativity – and we have had a lot of experience bringing seemingly impossible concepts to reality!

This vision should be determined by the brand and the demographic you are attempting to attract. We will also help you with your desired experience and connect the dots between the digital and physical worlds.

5. Follow up
The follow-up is sometimes as necessary as the set-up. Don’t forget that! You should follow up on leads and acknowledge everyone: those who participated and those who didn’t. This is a great opportunity to remind everyone about the event, tell people about your successful roadshow and all future campaigns you will have next. As well, you can create measures to focus on and track after each event on tour. This will also allow you to tweak each event along the way and guarantee successful events each time!

With thousands of roadshows under our belt and 20+ years in the industry, we are proud of producing roadshows that include an array of variety, from small-scale solutions to high-end 100+ people events across the globe. Feel like a roadshow could be something for you? Please contact us, and we will walk you through every step of the way!