EventRent cares about the environment

From our use of sun energy to our preference for cleaner fuels: these are the ways that EventRent is trying to do their part.

Everything that is not sustainable is temporary. The world is too beautiful to be temporary, therefore, EventRent invests in cleaner vehicles. EventRent invests in vehicles that ride using natural gas, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and head towards a more sustainable future. Vehicles running on natural gas (or ‘CNG’: Compressed Natural Gas) are more economical than those that run on other fuel. Thus, natural gas is cleaner than diesel or gasoline. However, natural gas is still a fossil fuel that emits dangerous carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is recognized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and the ANWB, yet they still stimulate the propagation of cars riding on natural gas due to the fact that it can be easily mixed with hydrogen and provides a prelude to hydrogen cars. Their goal is to ultimately switch to hydrogen, environmentally-friendly, vehicles.

Not only do we use natural gas, but some of our vehicles also run on Blue Diesel. We’re using Blue Diesel, an HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel. Rather than fossil fuel, this diesel is made from vegetable waste oils; a renewable raw material. Blue Diesel contains less water, burns cleaner, and is actually cleaner than regular diesel, emitting around 90% less CO2. Here at EventRent, we actively seek out methods to create a more sustainable future, with an environmentally-conscious approach towards business.

We also turn to traditionally renewable energy to power both our vehicles and our office. Most of our roadshow units are equipped with fuel-efficient diesel generators to meet their electricity needs. Since 2010, EventRent has equipped ten trailers with solar cells. By using solar energy in combination with batteries, these roadshow units can remain fully operational for 17 hours without any external power source or generator. Not only do we have these ten trailers equipped with solar cells, but our self-driving units, our InfoWheels, also are capable of using solar energy to power themselves. This adds on an extra 46 units of ours that utilize renewable energy. On sunny days, the solar panels create so much energy for the units, that the units basically become self-supporting. On top of that, to power our office, we have also turned to clean energy, having added 1.400 solar panels to our rooftops.

We care about our planet and try to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint to ensure a better, more environmental-friendly future.