Render vs Reality: Mastering the Image of Design

Bringing renders to reality has become a quality standard for our team at EventRent.

Our roadshow renderings convey your company’s vision with a keen eye for detail.

bmw render vs reality

In order to achieve this, we strive to find the perfect balance between artistic and technical skills. Render vs reality. We carefully craft each rendering to ensure that the elements are accurately represented, and the materials are properly chosen. With our attention to detail, we are able to create renderings that accurately reflect the built reality. This allows our team to create a shared vision with our clients and guarantee that the end result is what they envisioned. It is our belief that renderings provide a sense of creative innovation that allows the client to get a sense of the whole roadshow experience before construction starts. By doing this, we are able to ensure that our client’s experience is unrivalled and memorable; from design to construction, the final product will be of the highest standard.

We challenge our designers to enhance and enrich your roadshow experience by advocating a design methodology rooted in people and presentation through our scale of Roadshow Performance Plus+, a program in which we see the future of experimental marketing will involve reaching more people through live branded experiences. The live audience will undoubtedly be reduced in the near term, and this trend may continue with high touch-exclusive activations. However, these activations can simultaneously be experienced by millions through digital amplification for social media. A roadshow that generates topical content for your brand.

Our successes are shown through our projects, such as BMW’s new i7 series Mobile Showroom in Belgium and the Huawei SmartBus travelling through Italy.

In our practice, rendering is a tool for communicating intentions, storytelling, and exploring options for innovation in your roadshow. We believe that our renders allow our clients to gain a broader insight into the available space for product placement and design. With these successes in mind, we are confident that our renders provide our clients with invaluable visual insights. This enables them to make well-informed decisions about their project.

Renders are also a creative marketing tool that can be implemented into your social media strategy. Renders allow you to create visual content that can be used to spark conversations and engage with potential customers. They also allow you to showcase your upcoming event visually appealingly. Which can help draw attention to it and make it look more attractive to potential customers.

Through our scale of Roadshow Performance Plus+ services, we show the possibilities of live experience marketing. We inspire our clients by letting them experience the possibilities of live experience marketing through our renders. And from render to reality, we take your roadshow experience to the ultimate level. Our Roadshow Performance Plus+ services offer a wide variety of options to help our clients create the perfect live experience. We use high-end 3D rendering tools to create realistic visuals of what the live experience can look like. We then provide our clients with all of the resources they need to turn their vision into reality.

In this render vs reality comparison, we have compared the renderings to the design photographs. Take a look!

The Saucony InfoWheels

Saucony InfoWheels Render Saucony InfoWheels on tour in full branding