The 3 Reasons Why A Roadshow is Your Advertising Go-To

Through roadshows, you can reach a vast and specific audience locally, regionally, and worldwide.

In contrast to a one-day event, a roadshow can easily extend over a year! And because roadshows can be relocated easily, they are an extremely adaptable marketing strategy. You choose the location. You choose dates! Whether it’s in the heart of a city, at a customer’s workplace, or elsewhere, you can host your roadshow anywhere. 

By utilizing a fully customed designed mobile eye-catcher suited to fit your brand rather than a stationary pop-up, you get the most bang for your buck. By doing so, you raise brand recognition and product knowledge. It is well known that many companies, such as the profound Bugatti to tech companies like Samsung and Huawei, have increased revenue significantly through a roadshow with their custom-designed showrooms suited to fit their brand. 

You get the word out in a personal, interactive setting and connect with your clientele that might not have otherwise been able to. These events bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, customers, and potential clients to learn about the company’s products and services and, most importantly, network. 

A roadshow is essential for a business’s success for several additional reasons. But let’s look at the top three reasons for doing so:

  1. Boost Sales

Can you recall a time when a salesperson refused to go out into the field? This is their ballgame and where they thrive most! Rather than relying solely on phone calls and emails to build relationships with prospective clients, your sales and marketing team can create strong connections with existing and potential customers in person at these events. People tend to have a flowing dialogue when they share a similar interest. And advocates don’t have to compete for a short slot at these gatherings. Why? Because in a social setting, conversations are more likely to flow smoothly. Through roadshows this is a great opportunity to properly demonstrate the latest products or services to the customer and close at the spot, therefore boosting sales. 

  1. Demand Generation 

You need to reach new audiences to create demand for your products or solutions. And to describe roadshows in terms of demand creation, there is no other word than innovative. When foot traffic dwindles during the summer season, roadshows are especially useful.  Roadshows may be a tremendous asset in building a stream of new business. As we mentioned, these events allow the sales staff to interact with potential customers they may not otherwise interact with. So not only will the roadshow increase your sales, but this experience marketing tool will generate a higher demand for your products or services. 

  1. Brand Awareness

To be effective, roadshows must be both sophisticated and entertaining. In other words, you aim to have everyone attending leave with a smile on their face. You will create a lifelong positive impression by providing your guests with mind-blowing content, a dynamic setting, tasty cuisine, and excellent companionship on a truly personal level you wouldn’t be able to do at a trade show or standard pop-up.  

A distinctive subtle touch will make visitors remember your brand event even more, regardless of the gift. Adding a sense of excitement and hype to an event is crucial to its success. Our Roadshow Performance Plus services can help you integrate a high level of social interaction at every event throughout the roadshow! We understand that all social media platforms are a great way to connect your audience with all the appealing products or services you are promoting. So don’t forget to focus on those areas. Pro tip: use a hashtag to help people find your show on social media, and your get to keep track of how many people shared it!

Our case and point is that roadshows can be an excellent event strategy for your field marketing plan if done correctly. Your consumers want to see you grow in size and quality over time – so make sure your marketing strategies remain captivating and innovative. And with EventRent, you can do just that with our team of innovative roadshow experienced specialists working with you side-by-side.  

So, have we convinced you yet? Then, get on the road today with your own custom-designed showroom, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your target audiences locally and, if coupled with social media, worldwide!

Let’s get creative.