The Mobile Boutique: Taking Fashion to the Streets

The value of roadshows is recognised around the world.

And many businesses, much like the fashion industry, highly benefit from them. Just ask our clients Scotch & Soda and SEZANE

With our custom-designed “Scotch on Wheels”, EventRent was responsible for implementing the design & construction of a boutique on wheels. From Amsterdam to London, Florence, Milan and Paris, this “Mobile Boutique” travelled all of Fashion Week. This structure was designed to be easy to transport between cities, yet be eye-catching and luxurious enough to draw the attention of fashionistas in each city. Scotch & Soda’s media team ensured that the boutique was represented properly on Instagram and was able to capture the attention of local influencers to help spread the word about the roadshow. As a result, the roadshow was a success, with over 3.7 million Instagram views!

Prospective buyers are attracted to roadshows for the excitement and connection they generate, allowing you to promote the future of your brand and its direction. And organising a fashion roadshow will undoubtedly increase your product’s demand, offering a unique opportunity to enter new markets and introduce your fashion brand across the map.

This is also a key opportunity for online retailers to establish a real physical connection with their customers. People can interact in a way that is impossible online. And, of course, additional social media promotion will make the truck ‘physical’ and attract an even larger audience!

So why do roadshows translate so well to the retail environment and the mobile boutique?


No other vehicle makes a statement like a truck, especially when fully branded and loaded with creative retail elements. It’s impossible to deny that mobile “pop-up” shops draw crowds.

Personal Experience 

The concept allows brands to take their products directly to consumers, providing an immersive experience in a captivating environment that gives the impression of a more one-to-one exclusive experience, delivering the personal service that shoppers expect.

A Mobile Billboard 

It’s about more than just the event. As a mobile billboard, you advertise your products and brand while on the road.

Direct Contact

Instead of waiting for customers to arrive in your store or order something online, you take your brand and products directly to them. This is an excellent opportunity to move your brand to a new location daily. 

(Pro tip: use social media so shoppers can find your exact location)


The convenience of online shopping is one of the many enticements. However, when you turn your store mobile, you take shopping directly to the consumer, making fashion convenient for time-constrained people.

Contact us now! And get on the road tomorrow.