Tour de France 2018 Depends on EventRent

This year EventRent is joining in the Tour de France 2018 with even more trailers than ever before. We’ve got six trailers on the team. From our old roster, we’ve got: France Televisions, NBC Sports, Radio Monte Carlo, and ASO. Joining in as new players are RTBF and Eurosport. They’ve found their way to EventRent’s team. Thus, as a new part of the family, we would like to give a warm welcome to our newest partners: RTBF and Eurosport!

For RTBF, EventRent has created a custom trailer. This includes a special turnable interior that divides the space into four separate areas. While this may not sound very exciting, this is a revolutionary solution. This solution makes it possible for 16 crew members to work inside at the same time.

Eurosport also has gone for custom. For Eurosport, EventRent custom-built a brand new Mobile Studio. This Mobile Studio is impressive, with three floors. Here, they carry out their broadcasts during the Tour de France 2018. The studio on the second floor is equipped with special Rosco Panels, allowing for a unique, almost 360 view. This gives Eurosport the chance to easily choose each spot, picking the most beautiful background for their broadcasts.