The First 100% Electric InfoWheels Is On The Road

The world is experiencing some of the most profound growth trends of our lifetime: The explosive rise of electric vehicles. And that means taking every step possible to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. 

It’s more than just electric passenger cars now. And EventRent is extremely proud to announce that we will start using our first 100% electric InfoWheels. Like its predecessor, the electric InfoWheels is built compact and easy to use, especially within busy cities like Paris, Amsterdam or London, allowing you to manoeuvre and promote your product or service at any location. 

Our trust client Eaton will be our first customer to utilize the electric InfoWheels. Eaton is an innovative electrical power company dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies. They welcome the electric InfoWheels this September — and in the coming years, they aim to switch to 100% electric for all eight InfoWheels they currently have on the road.

For those concerned about sustainability, this unit is an excellent method to communicate your sustainable beliefs to your consumers during a roadshow. And at this rate, who doesn’t care about climate change and the environment? This latest addition to our fleet is the essential step towards our goal to transition to electric roadshows.

Just like we promised during the release of the E-Promotor: 100% electric roadshows. 100% our ambition.

For more information, check out how EventRent plans to transition into a  sustainable roadshow industry.