Why A Roadshow Benefits Your Marketing And Sales Strategy

Incorporating a roadshow into your sales and marketing campaigns provides enormous benefits.

Especially after such a long period without the profound emotional ties of face-to-face interactions.

Roadshows can be far more environmentally friendly than the standard display booth or big exhibition centre. Additionally, companies that utilize the roadshow benefits to save a significant amount on their CO2 footprint due to less travel because the roadshow travels directly to your target audience. Through this, we aspire to be the most innovative and forward-thinking roadshow marketing agency in the business when it comes to sustainability. Check out our White Paper on our plans for a more sustainable future -> EventRent Cares About The Environment.

As well, roadshows fit perfectly into the growing trend of hybrid events. Many of our clients, such as Hyundai, discovered that combining online and live event marketing allowed them to engage with more individuals. With our smart-budget solution, The Expandable, Hyundai’s guests could see the latest feat of the IONIQ 5 first-hand, online and in person.

Through our research and our array of successful events, we have produced five ways in which a roadshow would fit perfectly into your marketing and sales campaign.


  1. Marketing Pop-Up Experience

A great way to attract attention to your brand is to surprise your audience from their day-to-day experience by arriving at unexpected location hotspots and setting up in the city centre. This gives you the opportunity to provide a memorable experience for customers who are not used to the vibrancy of roadshow tours in major cities. The more sites you visit and the more prospects you welcome to your roadshow, the more prospects you welcome to your brand – creating the ultimate bond. Much like our client Huawei, they could still host a safe environment during the pandemic, providing them with innovative VR and AI technology, promoting 5G. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect reason to expand your horizons and go where your customers are – not where you want them to be?


  1. Showcase Your Product

Put your product at the centre of your experience to produce excitement and anticipation. A roadshow provides you with the ideal vehicle to reach out to both existing clients and new prospects. There is significant room for your company to profit from local publicity and a constant supply of social media activity by strategically matching site visits with launch dates in different regions. Roadshows also provide the perfect environment for employee training and education. Our product launch experience spans B2B, B2C, and internal campaigns in industries ranging from med tech to consumer products.


  1. Sales training

The usefulness of sales training roadshows has been demonstrated through our long-time and trusted client Eaton. At EventRent, there are no borders. And that means we take our clients all over the globe. For example, we travelled to Dubai with Eaton, utilizing the InfoVan #06 to showcase their latest energy-saving tools and services to help their colleagues harness their electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical resources more efficiently, economically, securely and sustainably. Roadshows are the ideal alternative if your training centre is being renovated or if the pandemic has left you with an extensive waiting list of employees who want proper face-to-face training.


  1. Live Product Demo

Live product demos have been shown to influence up to 80% of purchasing choices, with 98% feeling more motivated to buy after attending an activation. Nothing can convince you of the usefulness of product demos if statistics like these don’t. Product demos can be the key to unlocking high-value orders in B2B sales, much like our client Huawei, who utilizes our Mobile Showroom to showcase their latest innovations every year since 2017. You have the power to manage the environment and engage difficult-to-reach audiences by using a roadshow. Having the ability to re-route adds a layer of protection if a specific event location falls through.


  1. Employee engagement

When your company is geographically spread, a well-planned roadshow ensures that all employees get the same experience – without the expensive costs of bringing everyone together in one location (hotels, flights, and time away from the office). Because of the consistency of delivery, each of your employees will feel equally important and respected. When done right, employee engagement roadshows are a fantastic way to bring your team together and create a lot of goodwill.

Make sure to write down these roadshow benefits!

To successfully plan a marketing roadshow, you will need a compelling, original concept.  We will look at the goals you want to achieve and turn them into tangible projects together. Our team of experts guarantee that we locate the ideal set-up for your marketing roadshow, resulting in an outstanding experience.

Contact sil@eventrent.nl to discover more about how EventRent offers the best roadshow solutions and the most adaptable fleet of roadshow units, along with smart-budget solutions that help your brand provide the ultimate brand experience.